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Nidhi English Academy is known for its thorough research and professionalism. We are the best solution to aspirants of examinations like IELTS. We have focused on shaping the lives and careers of many people. Many of our students have settled their careers abroad as they were able to get right guidance at right time.

Our existence in the educational field is with the mission of helping students achieving perfection to the maximum extent in their career and profession.


Our Teachers  

Our teachers and trainers are highly qualified and keep them abreast of everything to provide learners with extensive ways of learning. Likewise, Our study material is consistently updated.

Indeed, trainers always try to work personally on every student for meeting desired learning outcomes.

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Nidhi English Academy  is the pioneer  in all kinds of English training as well as the best language school in Panipat, Haryana. The programme was launched in 2010 to revolutionize English training and meet the requirement of today’s English learners.With a passion for excellence in communication, Nidhi English Academy guarantees that you will become fluent in English after completing the program and will have lot of fun doing so.

Nidhi English academy ielts coaching group

So what makes us a red apple among all the green ones?

spoken english course in panipat

At NEA, class consists of not more than 12 students. This makes it easy to be heard and from friendly groups to practice with techniques such a pair and group task.

english classes in panipat

The most effective way of leaning is interaction. Learning then does not become a painful task, rather it becomes an activity to look forward to.

Small groups
Interactive Classes
Spoken English in Panipat
Encourage, not criticize

We follow positive approach and help you to build up your confidence by encouraging you to speak. We don’t criticize you for making mistake. Infact , we want you to learn from your mistakes. You are expected to ask questions and clear your doubts every step of the way. You are guided and encouraged to correct yourself.

english speaking class in panipat
Learn by speaking, not cramming

A learner is encouraged to speak in English. Classes are all about giving more and more opportunities to learners to speak. Students take up almost 50% talk time in class in the form of group discussion, extempore, debate, role plays, speech etc. Class is not only about lectures and answering the questions.

english speaking nidhi academy



A learner is not only expected to speak. On top of this, a learner is expected to speak with correct pronunciation. We also distinguish the words with UK and US pronunciation and teach the right way ahead.


The use of context, real-life situations and functional language helps learners to practise language through stimulating and challenging activities. We focus on many types of activities during the course. To name upon a few, these  are newspaper reading, presentation skills, public speaking skills, story building session, group discussion, role plays, extempore, group discussion, one to one conversation, listening skills games, interactive group exercises etc.

Focus on correct pronunciation
Comprehensive activities

Learners are encouraged to speak as much English as possible, to activate the knowledge that they have already acquired and ensure that they are able to use all of their English as fluently as possible. 

Activate knowledge and become more fluent
Learners have different learning requirements

We check your language level before you start learning. It helps us understand your present English level as well as your requirement. You join a small group of learners whose level of English is similar to yours. This makes each learner feel comfortable with all the learners.

nidhi englis academy spoken english
nidhi english academy

Learners are allowed to progress at their own pace and lessons facilitate the development of learner independence and self-reliance. A variety of media (visual, audio, computer based) is used to make lessons motivating and interesting.

And Last, but not the least, all our efforts & your hard work will surely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd!

Learn independently
Stand Out of Crowd
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